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Transform defeats into motivation with sports mental coaching

Coaching? What is this?

In business, coaching refers to various consulting services, usually related to professional development or conflict resolution strategies within companies. But the use of coaching methods has expanded significantly in recent years. Coaching is now also increasingly used in sports.

In German competitive sports, "trainers" work with individual athletes or sports teams, while US sports, for example, see a "coach" as a kind of athletic leader and mental trainer. A coach in the European context is primarily a listener, interlocutor, and supervisor, while a trainer predominantly leads athletic practices. A mental coach in sports does, however, not give advice: instead, they accompany, support, and promote change processes to optimize the athletes' performance.

Mental strength in sports

For top and competitive athletes, mental strength is central to success in training, competition, and the event of failure or injury. The good news is that athletes can train mental strength. And it makes sense to develop it for professional athletes from individual and team sports or competition-oriented recreational athletes of all disciplines and age groups. Together, we will develop techniques to increase your athletic performance - whether for specific competitions, after injury breaks, or in dealing confidently with self-doubt, pressure, and defeat.

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