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What I do with you

My many years of experience as a competitive athlete, an established sports scientist and research associate at university, and a trained mental coach all flow into my work with amateur and competitive athletes. I know what I am talking about because I am a practitioner and know the specialist literature. But also, because I am an athlete and a scientist, an active coach and a trainer. 

Together we develop methods for particular challenges in your sporting situation. We take your sporting practice, work out individual procedures and finally carry them back into practice. There, with the help of the learned techniques, you will be more successful in sports and able to secure success.

In particular, as a sports mental coach, I support you in...

  • dealing with pressure and expectations

  • mastering stressful situations with confidence

  • overcoming fear (fear of failure/fear of performance/fear of making mistakes/fear after injury)

  • regulating (competition) nervousness

  • suppressing distractions and interferences

  • turning defeats into motivation

  • recognizing and dissolving blockages

  • focusing and consciously turning your attention

  • achieving and maintaining the ideal performance state

  • constantly calling up your existing performance potential

  • developing courses of action to resolve conflicts

  • making clear decisions

  • keeping the joy of doing sports

  • having more courage and self-confidence

  • acting according to plan and achieving set goals

  • developing strategies when you cannot retrieve performance in competition, as in training 

  • directing your emotions positively

The methods you learn will help you as a trainer…

  • if you no longer have confidence in the performance and motivation of your players

  • when your players/athletes have difficulties communicating with each other and with you as a trainer

  • when the team no longer feels like a unit and acts against each other


The coaching is always tailored to your interests, wishes, objectives, and time possibilities. You get nothing off-the-rack with me but always custom work.


I offer the following services

Individual coaching

Individual coaching

60 minutes - €80

Group coaching



60 minutes - €300

Mountain bike riding technique training

MTB riding techniques training with mental training
180 minutes - €350
(1-3 persons)

Presentations and workshops about mental training



price on request

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