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Axel Molinero


With mental coaching to sporting success


Unleash potential with mental coaching.
Achieve success with mental training!

You show performance and passion in your sport. You are a professional or want to achieve more as an amateur. You want to improve and fully develop your athletic potential. You are disciplined and ambitious, but things sometimes go differently than you and your coaches wish. You must overcome challenges (competition, injury break, fears).

I am an athlete and speak your language. But I am also a scientist and coach and know the theory. So with me, you'll learn the proper mental techniques to get the full performance out of you. And exactly when it counts! 

What is mental coaching?

In business, coaching refers to various consulting services, usually related to professional development or conflict resolution strategies within companies. But the use of coaching methods has expanded significantly in recent years. Coaching is now also increasingly used in sports.

How does mental coaching boost your performance?

Strength, endurance, technique, and tactics are still the focus of training, even in top-level sports. All performance values are meticulously documented and analyzed, and, in addition, nutrition plays a significant role today.

On the other hand, the mental aspect of sporting success still needs to be addressed. 

What I do with you

Together we develop methods for particular challenges in your sporting situation. We take your sporting practice, work out individual procedures and finally carry them back into practice. There, with the help of the learned techniques, you will be more successful in sports and able to secure success.

About me

Whether soccer, basketball, padel, badminton, cycling, or running. I have been active in sports since my childhood. 

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